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diaspora and gender

Walking Towards Black Hole: Women Lives Under the Taliban

The Taliban 2.0 has had a devastating and gloomy impact on the plight of the women in Afghanistan. At the time when they took...

diaspora and identity

Speaking up in solidarity with Afghans

By Masomah Regl  For me, “Afghanistan” is not a job. Nor is it a passion or a hobby. It is personal involvement, my story, my...

diaspora and intgertion

Afghans’ displacement history to Austria

In January 2021, the Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation (VIDC) published its first research report on forceful return of Afghan refugees from...

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 Pashtuns battling Pakistan Army expose the fallacy of Durand Line 

By Hamid Pakteen Pakistan’s repeated failure to prevail upon Afghanistan on border issues reveals the fallacy of Durand Line. The two countries have been...

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