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The Statement: Afghan Diplomats in the Diaspora

The Statement of the Association for Coordination of Diplomats  of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan 14 March 2023 The Association for Coordination of Diplomats of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is...


diaspora and gender

diaspora and identity

An Afghan Love Story: In Remembrance of Mahram

By Masomah Regl They were neighbors. Both their families had fled the war in Afghanistan and lived among the tens of thousands of refugees...

diaspora and intgertion

Afghans’ displacement history to Austria

In January 2021, the Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation (VIDC) published its first research report on forceful return of Afghan refugees from...

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Black Market Visas: The Exploitation of Vulnerable Afghan Refugees

By Ilhamuddin Afghan As conflict and instability continue to grip Afghanistan, thousands of Afghans are fleeing the country and seeking refuge in neighboring countries like...

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