Thursday, March 23, 2023

Ahmad Massoud: Pakistan’s support for terrorism “undeniable”

Pakistan’s destructive role in Afghanistan


Pakistan can play both, a very constructive role in Afghanistan and yet a very destructive role. My father and I have been very clear regarding Pakistan. We want to see a change in the strategy of Pakistan regarding Afghanistan. So far the strategy was always supporting the groups which is against a legitimate government of Afghanistan and their strategy has been hostile toward Afghanistan. The evidence that Pakistan harbored the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, the other terrorist groups, it’s almost to the size of a mountain. It’s undeniable. First and foremost, it is one thing. However, as I mentioned that they can play a very constructive role. As my father also mentioned that Pakistan playing this “intelligence” game to create Afghanistan as its backyard and always putting Afghanistan in a misery situation. Always Afghanistan must be like a boiling pott, not to spill outside, at the same time not to die out. So, this strategy is deadly for people of Afghanistan and also for the region, especially Pakistan. 

This fire that they have played, this is exact quote of my father as well that it will one day or another will reach Pakistan, we are seeing what is happening right now in Pakistan. 
There is no day that some police of Pakistan are not being killed or some military persons of Pakistan are not being killed or someone in Pakistan are not being hurt by terrorism.
I feel sorry, and I feel almost similar with the people, and amazing people of Pakistan. Pakistan have amazing people and they have supported Afghan people in the time against the Soviet, the people. However, the government, especially the military side have always had a very hostile strategy toward Afghanistan and we see its impact on Pakistan’s economy, this intelligence game and this war against the people of Afghanistan and we see its impact on the Pakistan’s security and even on its political structure. So therefore, this needs to end, it is for the benefit of both countries. Safe and stable Afghanistan will benefit Pakistan much farther than this mentality the Pakistan with Afghanistan should be my backyard.
Now that Pakistan are confessing that Afghanistan is becoming a hub for terrorism. I wish that they had such mentality years before and to be truly a good neighbor for a republic for the people of Afghanistan. And yet, this can be another double game or yet it can be genuine, I don’t know, I hope and this is my message to Pakistan that “the game that you have played, it paid miserably and terribly for both countries and it needs to stop. You can play a constructive role in Afghanistan which will benefit you too”.

If EU and Germany has been soft to the Taliban since takeover?

I truly believe this low bar of expectation or conditions by the world to the Taliban, it has been catastrophic. We need to make it higher the bar because the people of Afghanistan deserve it and we need to put more pressure on it because all our experiences shows that the Taliban will not willingly accept the change. For example, this war crime which happened few days ago, all our evidence shows that it was systematically allowed and permitted to do so, it was not an act of individual.

Afghan people need to be united against tyranny and authoritarianism

I believe there are various factors which resulted to the division, especially 20 years. Some of the mentalities, some of the beliefs and some of the activities of some figures, especially the likes of Mr. Ghani resulted in this further gap between the ethnicities and groups of people of Afghanistan. The Taliban with further activities that they are committing in specific areas of Afghanistan, they are further creating this gap and they are doing it systematically, intentionally. For the purpose of creating this enmity and hostility between the different units, different groups different ethnicities of Afghanistan because the only way that the Taliban can continue with their reign is while we are divided. Our hope and our goal is very clear. Afghanistan needs to be united against tyranny, against authoritarianism.

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